Río de Galicia

milk 100% Galician

It is only possible to grow when you have strong, deep roots.
Ours are in Galicia.

Which is yours?

Fresh milk, lactose-free, high-calcium...

We offer all our products at the best price with maximum guarantees for traceability and quality


Everyone knows it. What many do not know is who makes it possible: them, our ranchers. Those that feed an entire country, with a 100% Galician and quality product.
That's why we make them the stars of our packaging. Now they have the visibility they deserve in your store, supermarket and, of course, on your table. Do you already give them a face?

Optipro milkshake coffee with milk, international 'Superior Taste Award'

100% Galician milk, high protein content, low fat content and no added sugar.

Strengthen your immune system

Milk is a functional food with multiple properties, including protecting our immune systems.

Happy, healthy cows

Our farmers look after their cows on a daily basis, ensuring their welfare. This is the only secret to natural, tasty milk like ours.

Río Attitude

Behind success there is a story of effort, sacrifice and improvement at personal and team level.

Failures are opportunities for improvement to learn how to do better next time.