Río de Galicia

milk 100% Galician

It is only possible to grow when you have strong, deep roots.
Ours are in Galicia.

Which is yours?

Fresh milk, lactose-free, high-calcium...

We offer all our products at the best price with maximum guarantees for traceability and quality

Optipro milkshake coffee with milk, international 'Superior Taste Award'

100% Galician milk, high protein content, low fat content and no added sugar.

Río Attitude

Behind success there is a story of effort, sacrifice and improvement at personal and team level.

Failures are opportunities for improvement to learn how to do better next time.

Strengthen your immune system

Milk is a functional food with multiple properties, including protecting our immune systems.

Happy, healthy cows

Our farmers look after their cows on a daily basis, ensuring their welfare. This is the only secret to natural, tasty milk like ours.