The source matters

We are called Río de Galicia

because our milk is exclusively Galician

In Galicia there are XXX cattle farms producing Río de Galicia milk. A total of XXX cows pampered and fed with the best Galician pasture to produce naturally tasty, healthy milk, high in omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals to raise our defences.

We are a family business from Lugo With a clear and determined commitment to Galician farmers and the rural economy. Galicia is Spain's leading milk producer: the quality, taste and nutritional qualities of our milk set us apart.

“Where do you come from and who are your parents?” We ask these two questions a lot in Galicia. At Río de Galicia our origins set us apart in a positive way.

With no need to travel long distances for milk collection. Committing to zero miles and sustainability. Río de Galicia only bottles 100% Galician milk, from animal welfare certified farms, which has passed rigorous quality controls.