Río de Galicia
is a family company

With almost 50 years of experience and a firm commitment to support all those involved in the dairy sector.

Our driving force
is the Río Attitude

Río de Galicia milk
is 100% Galician milk

From our production plants in Galicia, we distribute across the whole of Spain
Río de Galicia milk and products,
which are produced to the highest quality standards.

All our milk comes exclusively from Galician farms registered in the Farm Register

Dairies of Exceptional Quality. It is 100% Galician milk

Choosing Río de Galicia milk is choosing exceptional milk. The Galicia Calidade mark
not only guarantees the Galician origin of the product, but it is also
a guarantee of trust, prestige and quality for our consumers.

Why is the source
of the milk important?

The quality starts
with our farmers